7. Jungkook

Jungkook‘s TinyTAN character was designed as someone who “draws really well even with chocolate syrup“. If Jungkook didn’t decide to become a singer, he could’ve easily been an artist. He’s known for creating some truly unique pieces that go beyond pencil and paper, from painted sneakers to customized gas masks. Here’s the real Jungkook…

…compared to his artistic TinyTAN character.


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6. V

The focal point for V‘s TinyTAN character was his “signature V pose and smile“. To represent his stage name, V often holds his hand up to his face with his fingers in a V-formation, framing his handsome eyes. Combined with his attractive smile, these characteristics make his animated character unmistakable. Here’s the real V…


…compared to his smiling TinyTAN character.


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5. Jimin

The focal point for Jimin‘s TinyTAN character was his “cute scene of sitting on dough“. Not only is Jimin known for his adorable features and attitude, dough is a particular apt motif for him because of his best-known nickname: “Mochi”. Here’s the real Jimin…


compared to his doughy TinyTAN character.


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4. J-Hope

J-Hope‘s TinyTAN character was designed to reflect his “mischievous look“. J-Hope’s cheeky grin is a surefire way to brighten any ARMY’s day. Meanwhile, his playful demeanor brings happiness and positivity to BTS themselves. Here’s the real J-Hope…


…compared to his mischievous TinyTAN character.


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3. Suga

Suga‘s TinyTAN character was designed to reflect his “chic-ness“. On the inside, Suga may be warm and friendly. But on the outside, he has a chic and untouchable vibe. Even though the animated character is tiny, they still managed to give him Suga’s big energy. Here’s the real Suga…


…compared to his chic TinyTAN character.


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2. Jin

The focal point for Jin‘s TinyTAN character was his “signature ending pose“. If there’s one thing “Mr. Worldwide Handsome” Jin is known for always doing on stage, it’s his famous flying kiss that drives fans crazy. So, incorporating it into the animation was an essential.


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1. RM

RM‘s TinyTAN character was designed to reflect his “charisma“. There’s a good reason—or rather, several good reasons—why RM is known as BTS’s “Charismatic Leader”. Wheher he’s rapping on stage or talking in an interview, he always has the most compelling charm. Here’s the real RM…

…compared to his charismatic TinyTAN character.



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